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The Modesto Area Disc Golfers is an organization based in Modesto, California, which serves to promote the sport of disc golf in the Central Valley. Established in early 2000, our club has been responsible for the dry creek disc golf course since its inception. The dry creek course consists of two courses along dry creek. The first is a beginner friendly 9 hole course at East La Loma Park. The second is our full length 18 hole course which starts at the corner of Coffee and Scenic. Along with Modesto Parks and Recreation we are responsible for course maintenance and course design.

Recently Modesto Area Disc Golfers has entered into an agreement with Modesto Parks and Recreation to develop two more courses at Tuolumne River Regional Park (TRRP). Similar to our current design, TRRP will host a beginner friendly 9 hole course on the corner of Tioga Road and Hillside Drive, as well as an advanced level course on the eastern side of TRRP.

Modesto Area Disc Golfers also hosts several disc golf events throughout the year at our dry creek courses, as well as participates in community events. We hold our membership events at the beginning of each year, and more information can be found in our Facebook group.

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